Construction Sites

Once the construction begins our drones can capture aerial images & video for you to track the progress, monitor installations, inspect structures, evaluate safety requirements, track resources and coordinate all activities.

We can provide aerial photos when you need to document how construction activity will affect surrounding properties, and ensure original conditions are restored. We can provide a video, or still photo record of your completed project. Final record images can be used to identify future warranty issues and third party damage. A high definition image record of the completed project submitted with your completion documentation will provide not only a record of your work, but can be used to resolve future issues such as warranty claims or damages.

We can inspect hazardous and difficult to access locations and structures.  We hold a SFOC (flight permit) that allows us to fly almost anywhere in Ontario, day or night.  We can operate without causing disruption to your operation ultimately saving you time and money.

To receive more information about the Construction Sites Inspections we perform or the many advantages of our technology please call or email Skymetrix.