We provide a variety of services with our UAV's, relevant to various industries:

Aerial real estate video & photography

With aerial real estate photography, you can capture the architectural elegance of your property as well as the surrounding landscape and greenery.

Aerial 4K & thermal imaging inspections

Our inspection services are a much safer and cost-effective alternative to standardized methods. We can provide you with same results and help you avoid sending professionals from your team into potentially hazardous situations.


We can offer your insurance company services that will help claims adjusters to accurately survey any damage in real time.

Construction Sites

We can provide aerial photos when you need to document how construction activity will affect surrounding properties, and ensure original conditions are restored.

Events, Marketing & Promotion

Our drones are capable of flying high above ground and focusing on specific areas of your event, with instant precision.

LIDAR Mapping

LIDAR mapping, particularly using a UAV, is a non-intrusive method to obtain detailed and precise geo-referenced data, while avoiding exposure of personnel to dangerous and sometimes hostile environments.

UAV's for Agriculture

Using our UAV’s for Agriculture your company can be making Return of Investments of up to 136%, as well as easily identifying plant stress, drought, weeds, over fertilization and other issues commonly associated with this sector.

UAV Consulting Services

Find out how your business can reduce cost and gain efficiencies by using UAV’s.