Professional UAV services

Providing professional UAV services for a variety of industries, such as Construction, Real Estate, Insurance, Inspection, Agriculture

Certified pilots

Our team has highly skilled and certified pilots / operators, that will deliver the UAV’s to the location where it’s needed, and obtain the desired imagery for analysis.

High Return of Investment (RoI)

UAV’s have a very high Return of Investment. In some industries this can be up to 146%. Find out what you could be saving by using UAV’s in your industry.

Inspection services

Aerial real estate video & photography

Aerial Photo & Video can sell lifestyle in a way that static ground images can’t and can be an important tool for buyers working hard to find the best lifestyle for their budget.

Aerial 4K & thermal imaging inspections

Our aerial inspections provide valuable information that may not have been available through more traditional methods.


Need help with crop insurance claims, damaged facilities and properties due to hail and other areas that would otherwise be hard to inspect and assess properly.

Construction Sites

Once the construction begins our drones can capture aerial images & video for you to track the progress, monitor installations, inspect structures, evaluate safety requirements, track resources and coordinate all activities.

Events, Marketing & Promotion

Aerial photography and video services can be utilized for a broad range of events, marketing and promotion needs.

LIDAR Mapping

LIDAR mapping, particularly using a UAV, is a non-intrusive method to obtain detailed and precise geo-referenced data, while avoiding exposure of personnel to dangerous and sometimes hostile environments.

UAV consulting services

Find out how your business can reduce cost and gain efficiencies by using UAV’s.